At Prim Pac, innovation starts with customer proximity. Our efforts always focus on our customers and their needs in the areas of food and industrial packaging.

Thanks to our many years of experience and collaboration with a broad network of international packaging specialists, we are able to find packaging solutions for our customers that are tailored to their individual needs or design them together. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the fruit and vegetable section in supermarkets without our “Pull-a-Bag” system, the bakery section without blocked bread bags or the delicatessen counters without tamper evident trays.

We not only design new packaging solutions together with our customers, but also continuously optimise our existing range of products. We scrutinise materials, material thickness and cost.

Our packaging specialists are permanently present on the international packaging market scouting for trends that are then presented to our customers.

The packaging solutions provided by Prim Pac will impress you in terms of functionality, quality, sustainability and price.