LONGOPAC – the efficient waste disposal system with an endless bag


In Switzerland, commercial businesses and households produce 5.7 million tons of residential waste every year. For economical and environmental reasons, it is therefore important for companies to organise waste disposal in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Longopac – a system made up of a mobile or fixed holding device and an endless bag – has been specially developed for efficient waste separation and waste disposal for professional use. This system is up to 20% more efficient and emits up to 2.8 times less CO2 than conventional waste disposal. Longopac is already successfully used in food production, retail trade, gastronomy, healthcare and in the cleaning industry.

According to the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), we produce 24 million tons of waste in Switzerland every year, of which 65% is construction waste, 24% is residential waste, 10% is hazardous waste and 1% is organic waste. Waste from commercial businesses and households (residential waste) comes to a total of 5.7 million tons. It is therefore all the more important for companies to use an efficient waste disposal system that saves time and money, and is environmentally friendly at the same time – be it for waste separation (51% of residential waste is already being recycled) or waste disposal.

Hygienic, economic and eco-friendly waste disposal
Longopac is a waste disposal system that has been developed specially for professional use. The system consists of a mobile stand or fixed holding device and an endless bag, which is up to 110 m long. Instead of replacing rubbish bags on a regular basis, the endless bag can be torn from the cassette, closed on both sides, cut and disposed of.

This system is hygienic – since bags are replaced and sealed from the outside, there is no direct contact with the waste and time-consuming cleaning is eliminated. In addition, spillages around the opening are collected by the next bag.

When replacing the bag, there is no need to spend time painstakingly searching for new garbage bags. Valuable time can be saved as cleaning and bag-finding no longer need to be taken care of. The endless bag furthermore enables flexible replacement times and additional material consumption savings. This makes the system up to 20% more economical in comparison with conventional waste disposal.

Studies have shown that waste disposal with Longopac results in up to 2.8 times less CO2 being emitted. Longopac bags are manufactured from three-layer polyethylene and are therefore considerably more tear-resistant than conventional garbage bags, even using less material. The variable bag size also ensures that bags are always 100% full, saving even more material.

Depending on the intended use, Longopac is available in mini, midi and maxi versions, with or without an integrated pedal and lid. For food production, the holding device is made of stainless steel. The endless bag is available in transparent material, or in black, red, yellow, blue or green, depending on its intended purpose. To protect the environment, bags made of compostable, biodegradable material can be used.

Longopac ensures more efficient waste separation or waste disposal in food production, retail trade, gastronomy, healthcare and in the cleaning industry.

Longopac® in der Lebensmittelproduktion

Longopac in food production

Longopac im Detailhandel

Longopac in retail trade

Longopac in der Gastronomie

Longopac in gastronomy

Longopac im Gesundheitswesen

Longopac in healthcare

Longopac in der Reinigungsindustrie

Longopac in the cleaning industry


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