Practical packaging concept for convenience Food – Cardboard packaging and sealing device from a single source for instant use anywhere

Prim Pac_Convenience Food_Kartonboxen
After fast food comes fast casual food… Swiss people today are eating more healthily and mainly while on the move. With the new packaging concept from Prim Pac, fresh salads, sandwiches and even complete meals can be packaged anywhere – quickly, easily and cost-effectively. To ensure greater food safety, the packaging is also closed with a sealing device. The matching laminated cardboard boxes and trays are available in various colours and designs with custom printing, even in small quantities.

Eating habits have changed drastically over the past few years. On the one hand, consumers are trying to eat more healthily; on the other, more and more meals are being consumed outside the home or delivered to people’s homes. In the United States, the demand for fast casual food has increased by almost 600% over the last 15 years. This change in eating habits has also reached Switzerland, where 2.6 billion Swiss francs were spent on quick and fresh meals out last year. Big retailers are expanding their range of services with new take-away concepts.

Simple, secure and cost-effective packaging
For both big and small take-always, bakeries, service stations and catering vans, Prim Pac presents a practical concept comprising packaging and a sealing device from a single source. This solution enables fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps and even complete meals to be packaged anywhere in a simple, secure and cost-effective manner.

Prim Pac_Convenience Food_Siegelgerät mit KartonschalePrim Pac_Convenience Food_Siegelgerät mit Kartonbox

Sealing device for all types of cardboard packaging

According to demand, cardboard boxes with windows are available in various sizes and designs, in elegant white or in brown for an extra home-made touch. Thanks to the laminated inside, the cardboard packaging is waterproof and greaseproof. For ready meals, the cardboard tray on top is sealed with film. After removing this film, the meal can be heated in the microwave or in the oven, whether at home or at work, etc.
Prim Pac_Convenience Food_Siegelschale schwarz
Cardboard tray for ready meals

The cardboard trays and boxes can be custom printed from a minimum order quantity of 25,000 pieces. To seal the cardboard packaging, Prim Pac offers a practical sealing device with various interchangeable seal types.

To complete its take-away range, Prim Pac offers PET trays for fresh salads, fruit and muesli, and PET bottles for fresh fruit juice.

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