Longopac waste disposal system

The Longopac disposal system is an efficient and proven solution for waste disposal.

The endless bag of polyethylene (PE) can be easily cut, sealed on both sides and disposed of on demand.

The endless bag comes in black, transparent, yellow, red, blue and green.

Matching stands are available in three sizes, free standing with (four) wheels or wall-mounted, with or without a lid, and optionally with a pedal to operate the lid.

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Product specifications

  • Material
    • PE (polyethylene) endless bag
    • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) base plate/PP (polypropylene) cassette holder /aluminium legs/galvanized wheels
  • Usage
    • Industry
    • Food processors
    • Commercial kitchens (hotels, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, catering and party services)
    • Supermarkets

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