Focus on an attractive packaging - Resealable vacuum pouch

Vacuuming is a popular kind of fresh food preservation. The shelf-live of products may be increased up to eight times without using chemical additives. With this new generation of vacuum pouches, the consumer can easily reseal the packaging after an initial opening. The personalized printing on both sides makes the new pouch an ideal sales promotional instrument.

The use of the new resealable vacuum pouch is very easy: Put the product into the pouch made of PET/PE and create a vacuum just like with conventional pouches. At home, the consumer keeps the adhesive flap back and cuts the pouch along the line of cut. To close the pouch, the adhesive flap on the backside made of kraft paper needs to be peeled off. The new pouch is also suitable for freezing.

Efficient sales promotional instrument
Nowadays consumers purchase with their eyes. The packaging is not only used for the preservation of food, it also needs to be an efficient marketing instrument. The design of the new pouch can already be customized for small quantities of 10‘000 pieces.

The new resealable vacuum pouch is suitable for meat, charcuterie, cheese, poultry and fish.

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