Grüne Fußspur

We act responsibly

The responsible handling of the environment and its resources is our top priority.

When selecting manufacturers and suppliers, we thoroughly examine their sustainable use of resources and value the traceability of individual packaging.

Our focus is on reducing environmental emissions; we strive to implement innovative concepts for the reuse of packaging with our customers as far as possible.

As a close partner between customers and manufacturers, we determine the demand for sustainable solutions and have the opportunity to procure them quickly, ecologically, and in a socially compatible manner.

Sustainable packaging solutions

Sustainability begins with the constant search for new, environmentally friendly and compostable raw materials. When developing new products, we analyse all possible options to save materials without compromising on quality.

Another step in sustainability awareness is the production of packaging solutions from mono materials or recycled materials.

We are working hard to expand our range with sustainable packaging solutions.

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